3 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Social Media

3 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Social Media

These days, we're constantly connected through technology like social media (even when we don't want to be). We're always liking, capturing, sharing, and engaging. For most people, social media apps like Facebook and Instagram are simply fun diversions. But for others, social media is serious business, literally. For brands, having a web presence is no longer optional; in a saturated marketplace, it's vital for survival.

So it's not surprising that these social media platforms have become such a popular marketing tool. Advertisers always go where the crowds go, and today, the crowds are sharing photos on Snapchat. According to a survey conducted by Hubspot, 40 percent of people will respond more positively to visual information and graphics than just plain text. That's why image-based apps like Instagram and Snapchat have emerged as new favorites among businesses and consumers alike. And while you may not realize it, these platforms have led to the formation of an entirely new industry: social media careers.

Whether you're interested in the idea of digital influencers, social media marketing, or want to learn more about social media management for brands, there are quite a few in-demand careers in social media that will expand over the next few years. You can even attend social media schools like FIDM to learn the skills you need to succeed in this exciting new field. If you put in the work and learn about the industry through classes at a specialized social media college like ours, you'll be well on your way to becoming a social media influencer in your own right.

But why pursue social media careers in the first place?

If you're still unsure about whether a social media career is a smart choice for you, here are three reasons to consider it:

1.    It's always changing

Social media platforms are always changing, so marketing and management tactics must change along with them. This can make for a very exciting career, as you're always learning new things and meeting new challenges. You'll certainly never be bored! It's an excellent choice for those who already live on the cutting-edge.

2.    It's a necessity

It's not enough for brands to simply have a social media account anymore. Now, they're expected to consistently produce interesting content and engage with their audience. In some cases, social media engagement may be just as important as television commercials. All of this means that there are lots of job opportunities out there -- and if you're skilled enough, you'll be an irreplaceable asset to any marketing team.

3.    It's a chance to be creative

Having the opportunity to be creative at work is a huge plus for many young people. And because social media combines so many different aspects -- photography, marketing, advertising, communication, writing, technology, pop culture, and more -- it's a sector that appeals to people from all different walks of life. Social media careers especially appeal to younger generations because they provide a chance to create and distribute unique, shareable content while making a difference for a brand they care about.

Interested in learning more about a career in social media? Here at FIDM, we can help you launch your career through our social media degree programs. Take a look around our website to get started.