Lisi Wang Launching New Line at Skechers

Lisi Wang Launching New Line at Skechers

Lisi Wang graduated with her Fashion Design degree in 2011 and her Advanced Footwear
Design degree in 2012, and is now a footwear designer at Skechers, currently working on launching a new line.

Describe your job at Skechers: I work with my team and CEO to create new and trend right footwear products to bring to the market. I like to say that the designers are the originators of work inside my company because everything starts with an idea that we come up with. I research the market, create designs, and then problem solve the entire way until the products ship from factories. Every day is different; every season is different. The constant evolution of the market keeps me on my toes, so nothing ever gets boring.

Tell us a little about yourself: I love everything fashion, design and art. I love learning everything I can about what I am passionate about. I have worked in a few different industries including consulting, project management and construction management before settling on my current creative field of footwear design and manufacturing. Every day, I am grateful that I decided to pursue my dreams. Currently, besides working my full time job of being a designer at Skechers, I am also working on becoming an artist. I draw and paint almost everyday because daily practice is crucial for improving one's art.

What is your biggest goal? Personally, my biggest goal right now is to launch my design/art studio website. I hope it become something one day. Professionally, I am working towards becoming a Senior Designer and successfully launch a new line that I have been working on. I wish to see more of my designs on consumers' feet.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far? Some notable moments are when a design I worked on gets large orders, or a crazy idea turned out to be well liked by buyers, or when I see a stranger on the street wearing a design I created.

How do you feel FIDM prepared you? FIDM provided me with all the tools I needed to succeed in my career. Advice and working knowledge from professors who have been in the industry was also instrumental.

Looking back, which classes were most valuable? All the illustration classes (I had Nancy Riegelman) were very valuable to me personally because they kept my artist and creative brain going. I was creating art. Then all the technical design classes because they provided the foundation I needed to become a designer.

Anything else you’d like to share? I would love to talk to anyone who is interested in the footwear industry or what I do, and I am open to freelance opportunities!