Business Management Student Launches Kama Botanicals

August 10, 2017

Fashion Design Alumna Kama Hagar '15 returned to FIDM, where she'll graduate this fall, to receive a B.S. degree Business Management. With a desire to help protect the environment and spread her passion for natural beauty, she bought a one way ticket to Maui, where she'd grown up part-time, last summer. "I'd always made my own skincare to avoid all the toxic chemicals infused into products, but this time, after weeks of picking fruits and flowers in the Hawaiian jungle, I figured it out," she said. "I am obsessed with the idea of self-confidence and inspiring that in others. I've always believed beauty and wellness are great keys to this feeling." This year, she launched Kama Botanicals to "wholesomely heal, enhance, and inspire confidence for people and our planet."

After talking to Tina Perez, the head of the Beauty Industry Merchandising & Management Program at FIDM, she decided to enroll in a few specific beauty classes while pursuing her Business Management degree, and running her company. "The Beauty Program classes I've taken have been so fun, and have generally applied straight to my business, which I loved," she said. "In the Business Program, I have absolutely learned valuable lessons and tips I apply to Kama Botanicals everyday." Each Kama Botanicals product is handmade, 100% pure, natural, organic, and enveloped in eco-friendly, recycled/recyclable packaging. Using active ingredients inspired by healing Hawaiian botanicals, Kama Botanicals aims to be as conscientious as possible, while also giving 3% of proceeds to As You Sow, a non-profit that helps persuade large companies throughout the world to make protecting the environment and human rights central to their decisions.

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