Graphic Design

Go on a vision quest

You've been drawing, sketching, and doodling since you could hold a crayon. How do you channel your artistic skills to make the world a more interesting, better place? Graphic Design is a visual language, powering everything from eye-catching branded apparel and branding campaigns, to green product design and theatrical motion picture marketing. Show the world what you can do.

What Our Students Learn

In our program students learn the skills to:

  • Communicate effectively using verbal and visual tools.
  • Take part in client presentations and critiques.
  • Analyze information and develop creative solutions.
  • Apply design, technical, historic, and industry knowledge to create a strong visual message.
  • Design ethical, global solutions.


Our program teaches the development of the main art and assets necessary in the creation of advertising campaigns and branding of these properties.

We explore outdoor marketing, environmental advertising, video, web, motion, and alternative advertising.

This program combines the visual design, and art, with marketing, advertising and branding to reach this diverse entertainment audience, and their 24/7 access to film and music.

Petrol Advertising is on our Advisory Board and its gaming projects include: Call of Duty, Dark Souls II, Bioshock, God of War, and Metal Gear to name a few.

Since graduating, I took the top design students in my class and started a small design firm made up of all FIDM Students." -- Matt Mau, Founder of Undefeated Creative.

A Closer Look

The Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design Programs prepare students for careers as graphic artists and designers. Students learn how to interpret, define, and solve client problems and create a distinct voice of communication to the target audience. Using a combination of technical skills and creative thinking, these comprehensive programs teach students about concept, design, typography, and motion graphics and how these elements are combined and used in graphic designs for the fashion and entertainment industries.

For important information about the completion rate, educational debt, and earnings of students who attended this program, click here.