Business Management

Get Your Bachelor's in Business Management at a Top West Coast Design School

Business Management

Students develop the business and management skills to start their own companies or be part of management teams in the Fashion, Interior Design, and Entertainment industries. In business management classes, students work like consultants, dissecting a real company and making strategic recommendations. Internships have included Gucci, Smashbox, Saks Fifth Avenue, MTV, NBC/Universal, WWD (Women's Wear Daily), Vogue, and others.

The entire program is available online via eLearning so that students can work while earning their Bachelor's degree in Business Management.

A Closer Look

The Bachelor of Science in Business Management Program prepares academically qualified students to compete in the global industries of Fashion, Interior Design, and Entertainment.    Whether entering the corporate world or undertaking an entrepreneurial venture, the graduate is equipped with the analytical, planning and management tools, the ethical understanding, and leadership skills for success in business.

FIDM offers educational opportunities through distance education. Colleges offering the opportunity to take classes outside of their state must be authorized, or exempt from authorization for each state in which they offer those courses. No assumptions of availability should be made on the part of the student until checking with FIDM's Admissions or Student Advisement Departments.

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