Merchandise Marketing

Learn the business of fashion merchandising

Do you have a "sixth sense" for spotting the latest fashion trends before they happen? Are you a natural organizer and a born leader? These skills are a great starting point for a career in the global fashion industry. As one of the top fashion marketing schools, our courses in the Merchandise Marketing Program will build on those attributes to give you the necessary personal and professional tools for success. Whether your plans include managing a team, launching your own company, or becoming a Store Buyer, a Merchandise Marketing degree from FIDM, a fashion marketing college, can help get you there.


Imagine working side-by-side on classroom projects with some of the top retail companies in the business.

Frequent guest speakers bring the industry inside the classroom. Since we are a fashion marketing college, executives from companies like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Guess? Inc. are regular visitors.

Our students are paired with world-class Industry Partners who provide mentorship, access to an incredible wealth of knowledge, and valuable networking connections.

Students spend one-on-one time with FIDM's retail partners and get inside access to their outlets and showrooms. They learn to present strategic solutions to them for their real-life retail scenarios.

Students leave the program with a portfolio of work and accomplishments that illustrates their skills and how they can make major contributions within a wide range of career opportunities.

More About This Major

Merchandise Marketing takes students through the process of running a retail business. By studying at a fashion marketing college, students gain the inside knowledge, experience, and skills to build a long career in fashion.

FIDM gave me the curriculum, instructors, and advisors necessary to break into the retail buying world. Had I not attended FIDM, I would still be longing and wondering what it would be like to have the dream job that I have today!" -- Stacy Owaga, FIDM Graduate and True Religion Buyer

A Closer Look

The Merchandise Marketing Program prepares students for a wide range of careers within the changing global marketplace. The curriculum educates students in the marketing of merchandise, retail buying, application of technology to this task, and the development of leadership, teamwork and management skills. Students will understand the importance of professionalism, effective communication, research, creative and critical reasoning for achieving results in this diversified industry.

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