Film & TV Costume Design

Do you dream in Technicolor?

Play a leading role on set and behind the scenes. Costume Designers learn to read between the lines, searching the script for clues that will inspire them as they research, create, and source costumes. Whether the action takes place in Victorian England or 21st Century Los Angeles, the right wardrobe helps bring the character to life for the actor (and the audience) before the first word is spoken.

What Our Students Learn

In our program students learn the skills to:

  • Research and utilize a broad range of cinematic, social, and historical references.
  • Read and analyze a script.
  • Source costumes and materials.
  • Conceptualize, illustrate, and create costumes for television and film.
  • Launch an exciting career in the entertainment field.


FIDM is uniquely poised at the heart of the West Coast's Entertainment and Fashion industries to provide students with specialized skills and opportunities for building a successful career in Costume Design.

FIDM Film & TV Costume Design Students collaborate with film students from the American Film Institute (AFI) on AFI Master's Thesis films.

This intensive 3-quarter program is hands-on and teaches the aspects of the profession.

Field trips include visits to film and television studios as well as costume houses.

Instructors and guest speakers are some of the biggest names in the business.

Students leave the program having created a professional portfolio of their work.

The Advanced Study Degree program allows students who have already completed a
Fashion Design Degree at FIDM to learn this specialized craft.

FIDM gave me the ambition and knowledge to fulfill my dream." -- Michelle Liu, Costume Designer, Set Costumer, Avatar

A Closer Look

The Advanced Study Program in Film & TV Costume Design provides a comprehensive view of a field with its own distinct tradition and creative challenges. It offers students a chance to explore those qualities that make film and television an exceptional choice for the designer. The development of a broad frame of cinematic reference, the interaction with working professionals, and the opportunity to make practical and creative decisions within the time frame of a production, will provide the student with the knowledge and skill necessary to launch a career in the global entertainment field.

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