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Fashion sketches by Dustin Jasso

Fashion Talk with Previous GUESS Scholars Program Recipient Duston Jasso

GUESS Scholars Program 2015-2016 Recipient Duston Jasso reached new heights in his career after being chosen for the scholarship. Since his win, he participated in FIDM DEBUT, was a finalist in the prestigious Supima National Design Competition and designed a capsule collection for GUESS. “GUESS has given me a platform and has helped me launched my career, making me eternally grateful to GUESS," says Jasso. “Because of GUESS, I am where I’m at today.” We were able to sit down with Jasso and see the evolution of his career since winning the GUESS Scholars Program:

1. Why did you want to apply for the GUESS Scholars Program?

“I remember as soon as I found out about this amazing scholarship program, I knew I had to apply and give it my 150 percent because this opportunity was going to open doors for me.”

2. What was your inspiration behind your submission for the GUESS Scholars Program?

“I took a lot of inspiration from all the icon images and ads GUESS is known for, from Claudia Schiffer to Anna Nicole Smith. I took that idea and built my portfolio around the denim trends for spring/summer and fall/winter 2016, shown on the GUESS girls.”

3. How has winning the GUESS Scholars Program helped you?

“It has not only helped me receive a beautiful education, but the GUESS team have made so many of my dreams come true.”

4. How has your career evolved since winning the GUESS Scholars Program?

“My career has taken off since winning the GUESS Scholars Program. I got to be apart of FIDM DEBUT, which was a dream of mine for six years, to be able to create and show a twelve-look collection. I was also chosen by FIDM to participate in the Annual Supima Design Competition, which I got to show a five-look evening wear collection at New York Fashion Week this past September, talk about dying from excitement!”

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