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FIDM x HBO Max GENERA+ION Un-Fashion Showcase on View Through April 12

FIDM x HBO Max GENERA+ION Un-Fashion Showcase on View Through April 12

As we recently reported, HBO Max has teamed up with FIDM for the Genera+ion Un-Fashion Showcase, a two-week long pop-up installation at The LAB in Orange County, California, on view through April 12, 2021. The installation celebrates the launch of Genera+ion, the Lena Dunham-produced dramedy streaming now on HBO Max, which follows a diverse group of high school students as they explore modern sexuality and test deeply entrenched views about life, love, and family in their conservative community. 

FIDM, HBO Max, and Genera+ion costume designer Shirley Kurata selected eight FIDM designers — Ally Dechant, Sofia Elin, Esther Gaor, Robin Giles, Faith Ibrahim, Xander Shephard, Tiara Slater, and Reanne Wang — to create custom-made looks inspired by each of the central characters in the series. “Delilah is an inspiring individual,” said 2019 DEBUT Graduate Sofia Elin of the Genera+ion character she designed for. “Everything we need to be inspired can be taken from her, from her strength and her beliefs, gender-neutral silhouettes, feminine touches, self-expression, and love for the environment.” 

Faith Ibrahim, who has four different FIDM degrees, was inspired by elevated minimalism for her designs. “I chose this because it was basically a combination of my style as a designer as well as the creative task at hand," she said. "I felt as though I was assigned Nathan to elevate his minimalistic style.” Meanwhile, 2020 Graduate Reanne Wang turned to film photography, ska punk fashion, and editorials to influence her designs. “Riley is a character that is constantly capturing the world around her with her camera,” she explained. “As a reflection of her environment and interests, these designs play with different textures, materials, and silhouettes in order to illustrate her artistic expression. 

View all eight looks by FIDM designers at The LAB, 2930 Bristol St. in Costa Mesa through April 12, 2021. The LAB is open Monday through Thursday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Learn more at thelab.com.

Photography by Myles Loftin

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