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Naomi Grace Harris sits at a desk reviewing images on a computer monitor

Grad is a Producer and Product Owner at Holition in London

While attending Interlake High School outside of Seattle, Washington, Naomi Grace Harris first heard about FIDM as a freshman. After earning an A.A. in Visual Communications, she received a B.A. in Professional Studies with a specialization in Entertainment Set Design & Decoration. Since graduating in 2016, Naomi has moved to London, where she received a MBA from London College of Fashion, and is currently a producer and product owner and at Holition, a creative technology studio that specializes in the luxury fashion and arts sector. We caught up with this global grad to learn more.

Tell us about your role and responsibilities at Holition: I lead a variety of different teams of creative, UX, and software developers to build incredible digital products for our clients. At the end of the day, it’s my responsibility to be sure that the end product we create is built smoothly, beautifully, functionally, on budget, and to ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied. 

What were some of the most valuable lessons you learned at FIDM? Professionalism, a strong sense of curiosity, and an eagerness to try new things and really put myself out there. There were always so many other students who were passionate about learning, working, and getting opportunities to excel professionally inside and outside of the classroom. That always motivated me so much to try new things and say yes to as much as I could! 

Any favorite FIDM memories? In my second year I was nominated to participate in the Visual Communications special projects program; our team put together a winning window display design for a local boutique over the course of a quarter. It was an incredible opportunity to get our work out there and still am so proud of our team! Other favorites were going on Study Tours in Paris and New York and the opportunity to be immersed in new cultures and learn so much outside of a lecture or classroom. 

What led you to move to London and how are you enjoying living there? Leaving FIDM and moving into my professional career, I was getting more and more pulled towards strategic and business minded decision-making. Although I loved my design-oriented undergrad experience, I felt that it was time for me to more formally learn the principles of business and decided to move to London to complete my MBA at the London College of Fashion. I’ve always loved to travel and it just felt like such a dream to move here, it’s been truly incredible. 

Learn more online at naomigraceharris.com.

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