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Menswear Grad Zachary Hall Wins FIDM SuperLab with Haggar Clothing Co.

Menswear Grad Zachary Hall Wins FIDM SuperLab with Haggar Clothing Co.

After presenting to the Haggar team at their headquarters in Dallas, Texas today, Zachary was announced as the first winner of the FIDM SuperLab menswear design competition. 

A native of Sierra Madre, California, Zachary will move to Dallas to join the Haggar design team in June. The competition began with eight graduates of the FIDM Menswear Program in August of 2018. Participants were tasked with developing plans for 15-piece collections that demonstrated a deep understanding of the millennial consumer market and the Haggar brand. Beyond the designs, Haggar also asked finalists to source materials and create the technical specifications and details that a factory would need to produce each garment.

Competitors faced two rounds of judging, with a presentation of six initial silhouettes in August and today’s full collection presentation, where they were evaluated on criteria including creativity, appropriateness to market, and the collection’s viability. “This contest model isn’t something a lot of brands would try,” said Haggar Chief Sourcing & Merchandising Officer Tony Anzovino. “Working with FIDM brought us three highly qualified designers, any of whom could have been a good fit on our team. That said, we are delighted to begin work with Zach this summer.” The other finalists in today’s competition were Nicole Snyder of Ankeny, Iowa and Ashley Cheng of Taipei, Taiwan. 

FIDM's Vice President of Education Barbara Bundy said: “While the FIDM SuperLab branded banner is one we’ve used for many years for special projects, this marked the first menswear competition and the first with a job offer on the line. Using their education in materials sourcing and technical package development, our graduates moved from the conceptual side of design to the more tangible and logistical elements necessary to produce a retail collection.”

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