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Celeb Fashion Stylist Sophie Lopez

Celeb Fashion Stylist Sophie Lopez

Students in FIDM Instructor’s Vincenzo Lodato’s Marketing Essentials class were treated to a guest visit this week from top celebrity fashion stylist and designer Sophie Lopez, the go-to stylist for Kate Hudson and named in the top 25 stylists for two years in a row by The Hollywood Reporter.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Sophie began her career in London. She earned her degree in Social Politics before she attended Saint Martins where she took courses in fashion styling.

From there, she started working on magazines such as Men’s Health and British GQ. It wasn’t long before she started to work with rock bands Snow Patrol, Muse, and The Killers.

For Matt Bellamy, she once designed LED sunglasses and a remote-controlled LED suit. “Styling is creating an identity.” The artist has a message. Styling helps support that message.

Her career evolved to include womenswear and now, red carpet. In addition to Kate Hudson, her celebrity clients include Malin Akerman, Camila Alves, Christie Brinkley, Sara and Erin Foster, and Naomi Scott.

Sophie draws inspiration everywhere—from street style, movies, books, and historical costume. “You interpret and make it contemporary,” she said. “Red carpet [styling] is different. You look at the runway for that. You find what’s best for your client.”

She was asked if she attends runway shows, and she answered very honestly that it’s about the luxury of time. It’s true that if you attend shows in person, you can see fabrics, how it walks and moves, and how the light catches it, “but at the end of the day, you have to go to work.” Sometimes it’s a more efficient to look at runway collections on Vogue Runway.

When asked how she markets herself, she said she likes Instagram and treats it like Pinterest. “I think it’s a reflection of your taste. It’s about your point of view, and that’s what you’re selling: your point of view.”

She also told the class that word-of-mouth is essentially how she’s built her career. FIDM Instructor Vincenzo Lodato reinforced her statement by telling the class that word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) is, in fact, the number one strategy in marketing.

The students asked her questions about fashion trends and where she is headed next in her career. “I don’t pay attention to trends,” she answered. “I never really have. I like what I like. To me, it’s more about style, than trends.”

And as for the future? “I ride the wave of opportunity. Right now I’m happy doing what I’m doing.”

Sophie Lopez is represented by the Only Agency.

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