Textile Design Grad Featured in Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine

Textile Design Grad Featured in Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine

Bay Area-based textile and fiber artist and FIDM Graduate Carrie Crawford's nature-inspired work is featured in the new issue of Luxe Interiors + Design

The magazine spotlights how Carrie's work is painstakingly created by layering indigo and other natural dyes onto raw linen that's stretched over a wooden frame. To achieve the deep blue-black indigo hue she’s revered for means plenty (sometimes 10 to 12) hand dips into the liquid formula she creates. Then the cloth has to dry in between each one.

“So much patience and surrender are called for in these works,” she said. During that stage, Carrie "creates lyrical shapes by holding various pieces of fabric outside of the dye, while other parts are submerged in the pigment." Once the indigo reaches the level of richness she wants, the pieces are rinsed, dried, and stretched for framing. 

After growing up in Los Angeles, where she was surrounded by art thanks to her mother, who was a ceramicist and painter, Carrie avoided studying art because she couldn't draw representationally. While living in Montana, where she experimented with watercolors, her mother became ill, so she returned to Southern California to care for her—and go back to school to study Textile Design at FIDM. 

After graduating, she pursued a career in textiles and made a home in the Bay Area. An indigo-dyeing workshop changed everything for Carrie. “I realized how process heavy indigo is,” she said. “It brings visual life to a deeper inner experience. It’s an endless quest. Each piece captures a moment of that quest. It’s really exciting to work on a design–and then another one after that.”

Visit Carrie online at mineralworkshop.com

Images via Luxe Interiors + Design

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