Textile Design Grad Designs Kids Bedding Collection for Kavka Designs

Textile Design Grad Designs Kids Bedding Collection for Kavka Designs

Textile designer and freelance artist Hope Bainbridge, who has worked for clients such as Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, and Z Gallerie, among others, recently designed a collection of kids bedding for Kavka Designs. We chatted with the 2015 Textile Design Graduate to learn more about her path to FIDM, freelancing, and how she approaches the creative process.

Born and raised in a small town outside of Yosemite National Park in Tuolumne, California, Hope was finishing a Liberal Arts degree and going to pursue an additional art degree before she decided to apply to FIDM. “I felt like being an artist wouldn't really pan out career-wise,” she said. “I did some research about careers artists can have and focused on textile design, which has an array of mediums to put your artwork.”

While in the Textile Design Program at FIDM, she learned to be “incredibly detail-oriented” and received a comprehensive education in Photoshop. “I feel like I dream in Photoshop,” said Hope, who participated in Chairing Styles while at the college. “FIDM really helped shape my eye for design in terms of what makes something sellable by being aware of current trends; FIDM helped in all areas of design and equipped me for a career.”

Since graduating, she worked for Leftbank Art, a Los Angeles-based company that creates commercial artwork, for two years. She has since had a daughter and is now freelancing from home for various textile- and art-related brands. While on Instagram, she stumbled upon Kavka Designs. “I reached out, sent my portfolio, and the owner Kelly, who is amazing, called me, and we discussed the kids line collaboration,” she explained. 

When approaching a new project like her work for Kavka Designs, Hope first creates a mood board to ensure she nails the look the client is going for. “Once that's approved, I begin painting and doodling,” she said. “I then render those images in Photoshop, clean them up, edit them, et cetera, and put them into repeatable prints from there.” She plans to continue to collaborate with companies and grow as an artist. 

See Hope’s latest endeavors on Instagram @hopebainbridge_art.

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