Grad Has Her Own Interior Design Firm Based in Lexington, Kentucky

Grad Has Her Own Interior Design Firm Based in Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky-based interior designer and Textile Design Graduate Isabel Ladd was recently interviewed by Smiley Pete, a local publication. “A curated, organized, beautiful, calm or energizing space can inspire you,” she said. “It can lift you up, emotionally and mentally. Your home is often the most expensive purchase you make, and to me, it makes sense to invest in the inside.” Born in Brazil, she’s lived in Lexington since age six. 

Isabel, a self-described “maximalist,” shared how Covid-19 has led to an uptick in her design business. “As people became confined to their homes, some of them realized how important their home surroundings are to them,” she said. “They wanted to feel good – and good design absolutely makes you feel good.” Like so many others, Isabel is conducting her business right now via Zoom meetings and by mailing samples. 

The busy designer credits her team for her success on many design projects. “I am the person most visible to my clients, but a big part of my business is really a collaboration with a team of these great craftspeople: carpenters, a seamstress, an upholsterer, a landscaper, a photographer, antique and vintage dealers, a furniture maker, painters, wallpaper hangers and more,” said Isabel, who launched her firm six years ago. “It takes a village.”

Learn more at and on Instagram @isabel_ladd_interiors.

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