Adobe Features Grad's Designs For Textile and Garment Technology Exhibition in Barcelona

Adobe Features Grad's Designs For Textile and Garment Technology Exhibition in Barcelona

Adobe recently selected FIDM Grad Ludmila Lembke's designs to showcase in Barcelona, Spain at ITMA 2019, a textile and garment technology exhibition. The computer software company is about to release the full version of their plug-in for Photoshop, Adobe Textile Designer, and was demonstrating the new technology at their booth.

How did this opportunity with Adobe come about? On January 1st, 2019 I decided to create daily designs inspired by the Sex and the City series and shared a time-lapse of my process on Instagram. The idea was to let go of perfectionism, keep having fun, and stop designing and editing no matter what once 30 minutes was up. 

Before creating my passion project, my surface and textile design work had always been for clients. I didn’t have a substantial body of artwork with sharing rights that belonged to me. But this year, as I read the Adobe call to submit, I had a collection of more than 60 pieces ready to show. My collection of artwork is still growing; as I’m answering these questions, I’m entering design day 150.

How does it feel to see your work on display in Barcelona? It is meaningful to me because while I am a trained fashion designer with many years of lingerie design experience, I discovered my affinity for textile design a little later. But I’ve never taken any official textile design training. I’m a self-taught textile designer. For Adobe to have picked my designs and showcase them in their booth in Barcelona feels like a mini Oscar was handed to me.

Are you still teaching Adobe classes online via your company FashionChalkboard? Yes. There is a growing library of on-demand video courses on varying Adobe programs as it relates to fashion and textile design. Occasionally, I take on private clients, and we work together to enhance their digital design workflow. We do this together in my online classroom. Recently, I trained a costume designer on how to infuse more of her signature style into her design ideas in Adobe Photoshop. Another client is a rug designer who is looking to improve her focus on the bigger picture of design instead of getting lost in the details. Fluency and increased speed in Photoshop are among her other desired outcomes.

Tell else is new with you in your career? My corporate training programs have expanded to include more advanced skills in workflow processes in Illustrator and Photoshop, and because tech is always changing, with speedier and improved tools, I partner with corporate clients to keep their design teams up with the never-ending changes which allow the designers more time to concentrate on the current collection. 

I am also working with a well-known shoe brand to make their tech-pack process more efficient while updating their tech-design-team’s Illustrator skills. Of course, I continue to be a designer and am currently brainstorming with a baby clothing manufacturer on how to communicate their new teether collection to factories. I also have a new free welcome kit at FashionChalkboard that includes an exciting mix of templates, tips, and surprises.

Did you first learn Adobe products at FIDM? What are other valuable lessons you learned while in school? FIDM Introduced me to Adobe products when I was attending. We had one class that covered both Illustrator and Photoshop and I was immediately hooked. I learned a lot while working, through fancy computer magazines (especially from the UK), the Photoshop World Conference, and for the past 10-plus years attending Adobe Max.

The most valuable lesson I learned at FIDM has been to network. I didn’t like it at all at first because I had just immigrated here from Germany and I didn’t know anyone. But ultimately practicing and making an extra effort to stay connected and build new relationships with other creatives has led to exciting opportunities over the years.

Will you also teach Adobe Textile Designer once the full version is available? Yes. The plug-in can be used right now even though it’s still in the beta version. It’s a great time to start using it and get ahead of the curve. I anticipate the plug-in becoming a required qualification for textile designers within the next two to three years.

The FIDM Alumni Association and I are hosting an introductory workshop to the Adobe Textile Designer plug-in for Photoshop this year. Private clients are already learning the tool from me now, and I will be adding a video course on my website within the next six months.

Follow Ludmila on Instagram @fashionchalkboard.

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