Tom Henkenius

Digital Marketing Director is an Emmy Winner

Meet storytelling and content expert Tom Henkenius

A graduate of USC’s Iovine and Andre Young Academy, Emmy award-winning journalist Tom Henkenius spent 10 years in television news before launching his own production company. A storytelling, content, and branding expert, he’s a FIDM Hall of Fame instructor dedicated to preparing the next generation of digital marketing professionals for success.

What is your teaching philosophy?
College is all about learning how to think. If you leave my class with the ability to take two, three, or four ideas and put them together to make your own thoughts, then I’ve succeeded. It’s not about getting As; that isn’t the true measure of success. Success is being a thoughtful person who adds to the industry and the world.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at FIDM?
I love the energy our students bring to the classroom. Whether they’re fresh from high school or professional designates, they bring a youthful energy that I find radiates around campus. Plus, my friends and family are always jealous that I know what styles and looks are trending...nine times out of ten I’m picking up the trends from our students.

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