Recent Merchandise Product Development Grad Assistant Product Developer/Tech Designer at STAUD

Recent Merchandise Product Development Grad Assistant Product Developer/Tech Designer at STAUD

We chatted with Fullerton, California native and Merchandise Product Development graduate Saman Chaudhry who turned an internship at CFDA Fashion Awards nominee STAUD into a full-time position as an assistant product developer/tech designer.

What made you want to attend FIDM? To be honest, growing up I always wanted to be artistic but never really was, so I showed my creativity through design and concepts and I somehow became artistic. I always had a strong interest for fashion and I've always been really detailed and particular. I thought the best way to portray that would be through design. 

What are some of the most valuable lessons you learned at FIDM? To be on time. This is so important and it shows professionalism. FIDM also taught me to grow up and deal with the real world and that's something I'll keep with me forever. 

Did you work while studying at FIDM? During my first quarter, I had a part-time job working retail. Then, I started an internship at STAUD. 

Tell us about how you went from an intern to a full-time position at STAUD. I started interning for STAUD and a couple of months later they asked me if I would like to be full-time when I was done with my education. I think I got there with them because I truly gave it my all, from character all the way to talent—those two will take you a long way. 

What is your current title and day to day responsibilities? I do a lot from sourcing materials and working with design to spec'ing garments, going into fittings, getting the bill of materials in, and a lot more. 

You went to New York Fashion Week with STAUD. What was that experience like? It was a dream, probably one of the best feelings was to see things you worked on going down the runway. I also had a lot of opportunity to network with people from the industry. It was a great experience and I would do it over and over again. 

What are your ultimate career goals? My ultimate goal is to work in creative direction or somewhere along the lines of being a design director—that has always been my dream. I did get a chance to interview with Helmut Lang and it was so amazing; just being in their headquarters office was crazy. I was really nervous but I think all went well and I'm hoping to go back for my second interview to show my portfolio and a 3-D shoe I've been working on. 

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