Jewelry Design Grad Works For Tiffany & Co. and is a Bespoke Jewelry Designer

Grad Designs Custom Pieces With His Bespoke Jewelry Brand Woliski

Born and raised in Cambridge, England and now based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Jewelry Design Graduate Joshua Malachowski works part-time at Tiffany & Co. and has his own bespoke bridal jewelry business, Woliski.

As a child, his grandmother often gave him crystals and gemstones, which started a lifelong obsession with gems and diamonds. "Growing up in England, I enjoyed art and design classes and had wanted to become an architect or interior designer," he said. "I chose jewelry design, however, because I’m much more passionate about it."

After doing an online search for jewelry design programs, he decided to attend FIDM because he liked that the program had a Jewelry Design Studio right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles' Jewelry District, which "provided amazing opportunities to learn and network." FIDM also helped Joshua secure a paid internship at local L.A. jewelry brand Ron Hami.

"Attending school and my internship really accelerated my learning," he said. "FIDM provided a safe environment to design, create, explore, and make mistakes. I also learned how to explore the creative process and use illustration skills to communicate ideas and designs." 

Today, Joshua works part-time at Tiffany & Co. as a sales professional. "I help provide the best experience possible for our clients by helping them find the right engagement rings, gifts, etc.," he explained. "I love working there, it’s a company that wants to excel and is always on the forefront of the jewelry industry."

Five years ago, he launched his own bespoke jewelry brand, Woliski, and quickly became known for attention to detail and his passion for the design process. He meets one-on-one with clients to create one-of-a-kind customized piece that can be cherished forever. 

"I love the mystery and magic of using precious stones and metals from nature and turning them into stunning whatever my mind can create," he added. 

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