Jasmine Penna

Jasmine Penna

Owner, Congés Fine Jewelry

Jasmine Penna was set on becoming an occupational therapist until becoming so sick with meningitis that she couldn't walk for six months. "I was at my grandmother's house and just started deconstructing and reconstructing vintage clothes, and I loved it," she explains. "While I was getting better, my father suggested that I might want to do something that I was more passionate about." He believed that Jasmine could still help people without being a therapist.

In 2014, she launched Congés Fine Jewelry. French for "to be on vacation," the collection is geared to those who lead busy, full lives. "Our accessories allow those wearing them to escape from the grind of their daily lives, essentially becoming engulfed in the serenity transpired on vacations," she says. "I work on creating pieces to awaken what a person feels they are missing or to amplify the good things they are currently experiencing in life."

Jasmine pays regular visits to her former instructors on campus and credits the college with teaching her about everything from sourcing and business planning to forecasting and allocating. "I did not have a single bad day while at FIDM and was inspired every day," Jasmine says. "I got to create, and it taught me all aspects of the business and prepped me for what I am doing today."

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