FIDM Fashion Design Student Victoria Wang

Victoria Wang's Story Begins at FIDM

One of the three students featured in our new video, Victoria Wang is studying Fashion Design and is the former Beauty Editor of FIDM Mode, a fashion and beauty magazine produced by FIDM Students. Watch the video to see for yourself how deep her feelings run for the FIDM community, then read this Q&A to find out more about her experience, career goals, and aspirations.

Tell us a little about your journey: I am a 29-year-old Canadian who began my professional career as a hairstylist. I’ve spent seven years (and counting) behind the chair, and it has hugely influenced my life. Before I was ever a beauty industry professional, I was a lover of fashion. I am the person that friends and family call upon for makeovers or personal styling shopping trips. Fashion and style have always been a constant in my life and I endlessly dreamt of pursuing it as a career, but the timing never seemed quite right. After I earned my cosmetology license, I decided to take the plunge and toured the FIDM OC campus. I loved the spirit of community and how passionate everyone was. I spent a couple of months working on my entrance portfolio and preparing to move—and the rest is herstory.

What does FIDM mean to you? FIDM is home, and I mean that in every sense of the word. FIDM has truly been my home for the last two years, and I’ve made lifelong friendships (and memories) for which I am immensely grateful. My time at FIDM has also given me confidence in my abilities; I have honed my voice and design style here. I trust my artistic intuition, and am firm in the belief that what I have to offer has merit. I feel strength in what I have to contribute.

What do you love about FIDM? I love that while you are working on your own respective assignments, you are creating yourself. You’re discovering what you do and don’t like, and it molds you into a designer. The value of design thinking and its possibilities are endless, and FIDM truly taps into that ethos in every major. 

How did you choose Fashion Design as your major? I chose my major with the help of my Admissions Advisor. We had a telephone interview where we discussed some of the majors that I was interested in, and we brought the number down to three. I then read more about each one and considered what I would like my life to be like in ten years. The decision was simple after that.

What are your career goals and how is FIDM helping you to get there? My career goals are still in progress, but a representative of the FIDM Career Center has been assisting me with this decision. My instructors for Professional Practices and Portfolio Preparation have been instrumental as well.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about going to FIDM? My advice would be to start researching and considering what skills it takes to be successful in your chosen major. Preparing yourself now will give you the ability to fly while you’re at school; you will be able to apply extra panache to what you’re doing if you have some insight beforehand!

Anything else you’d like to share? Check out FIDM Mode, Issue 14! Mode is a ‘for FIDM Students, by FIDM Students’ publication. I was the Beauty Editor for this issue and we are so proud of it!

Be bold, take risks, and immerse yourself in what inspires you! These are hallmarks of every creative concept, board member, and contributor that you will find in this issue of Mode. Whilst on your path to success, keep honing your unique skills that trademark your individuality. Your story can change the world!

Keep up with Victoria Wang on Instagram @victoriawaang.

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