Advisory Council

Career Opportunities

Our Career Center has cultivated a database of thousands of employer contacts nationwide with the singular goal of providing industry-related internships and employment for our students and graduates throughout their careers.

Production Designer

Get the big picture. Determine the visual concept of a film, television, or theatre production. Work closely with the Director and Producer on the look and feel of the sets, locations, graphics, props, lighting, camera angles, and costumes. Hire and manage an Art Department.

Art Director

Be in creative control. Supervise construction, budgeting, and expedite plans. Oversee the artists and craftspeople that build the sets for movies, television, or the stage.

Set Decorator

Set the stage. Work with the Art Director on designing the set and developing a decoration plan based on the script. Select, acquire, and dress the set with appropriate items such as furnishings or props; manage the crew and budget.

Set Shopper (also called Buyer)

Shop for a living. Work with the Set Decorator to locate, purchase, or rent the set dressing.

Art Department Coordinator

Be part of a team. Act as a liaison between the Production and the Art Department. Coordinate information between the following departments: Set Decorating, Props, Production, Locations, and Construction.