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Our Career Center has cultivated a database of thousands of employer contacts nationwide with the singular goal of providing industry-related internships and employment opportunities for our students and alumni.

Here are some examples of careers available in Entertainment Set Design & Decoration:

Art Department

Production Designer - Production Designers are responsible for the visual concept of a film, television, or theatre production. Working closely with the director and producer, they realize a design style for sets, locations, graphics, props, lighting, camera angles and costumes. They direct the art department and set builders to turn their imagination into reality. They draw up sketches or build conceptual models based on these conversations. Once the concept is decided and upon approval, production designers hire and manage an art department, which includes a design and construction team.

Art Director - The Art Director's primary function is to support and follow through on the visual concepts for the production as specified by the Production Designer and Director. That support includes a combination of both creative and management skills. Additionally, the Art Director is responsible either completely or in part for the efforts of many departments within the production. These departments include: Art Department, Construction, Set Dressing, Props, Locations, and Special Effects.

Assistant Art Director - Assistant Art Directors work with film construction crews such as the construction coordinator, foreman, painters, plasters, greenspeople, sign painters, metal shop workers, staff shop workers, mechanical effects builders and grips. The Assistant Art Director is also responsible for acquiring materials, both common and unusual, needed for the production, for doing research on period and contemporary design elements, and otherwise assisting the Production Designer and Art Director as required.

Set Designer - Senior Set Designers are engaged by the producer to prepare working drawings used in the erection of motion picture sets, set models, backgrounds, miniatures or any similar elements.

Junior Set Designer - are assigned by the producer to work with a Senior Set Designer and possess a full knowledge of architectural drafting and a basic knowledge of architectural design.

Scenic Artists - Paint backdrops, murals, figures, portraits, free hand decoration, fine art painting and stained glass for film, television and theater. In broadcast facilities, in scenic shops and theatrical stage/shops members additionally perform set painting and sign writing.

Graphic Designer  - is responsible for the conceptualization and creation of original on-screen graphics and signage during production. They should be able to: design and create digital graphics, seeing their inception through to completion into physical form. 

Production Illustrators - Prepare presentation artwork, using traditional and digital tools to create perspective illustrations, sketches and designs for the previsualization, preparation and production of visual entertainment. These images play a crucial role in conveying and realizing the overall vision of a motion picture or television project.

Storyboard Artists - Help the director of the show previsualize a project by means of sequential imagery: whether in traditional or electronic media, two-dimensional or three-dimensional form, using stills or imagery in motion. They create a series of illustrations to previsualize the composition, dynamics and action of a scene.

Art Department Coordinator - works closely with the art director to assist with administration, procurement and budget tracking within the art department. An art department coordinator may also be responsible for departmental clearances and product placement if there is no clearance coordinator on staff. Among duties which are assigned to the art department coordinator are the coordination and participation in setting up and closing down the art department office. 

Art Department Assistant - is a learning position. They are to be directly supervised by senior members of the art department in all of their tasks. They are often required to drive a production vehicle for pick-ups and deliveries for the art department. They also assist the art department coordinator with the distribution of drawings, help with general research, and aid more senior members of the art department in performing minor graphics and/or minor drafting duties while receiving supervised training.

Set Department

Set Decorator - are key members of the design team for film, television and commercials. Working closely with the Production Designer and the Director, the Set Decorator researches, resources, designs, builds, and acquires the objects required to dress the sets. Typical examples of set dressing include furniture, drapery, lighting fixtures, art and decorative objects.

Assistant Set Decorator - is responsible to the set decorator and may, in the absence of the set decorator, assume all responsibilities of that position. The assistant is required to assist the set decorator in the research, purchase, rental, leasing, and acquisition of all items and materials used as set decor.

Lead Person - works directly under the set decorator. The lead person prepares paperwork on items selected by decorator; picks items up from vendors; supervises the set dressing crew or swing gang on a television or film set.

Set Buyer (also called Shopper) - the buyer is the number two person in the set department below the set decorator. The buyer locates, and then purchases or rents the set dressing.

Set Dresser - transports elements, crew then puts in draperies, carpets, works with lighting designers to get right ambience, also called “swing gang”. The set dresser may assist in the safe and efficient pick-up and return of all items and materials used as set decor; the storage, movement, placement and preparation of all dressings within each studio or location set assigned.

Property Master - is head of the props department on any film, TV show, or stage production. They are responsible for all props in the production—that includes acquiring them, keeping them organized, and making sure they’re used safely. To do this, the props master leads a team of prop makers or props-department runners, and reports to the production designer.

On-Set Dresser -  is responsible to the set decorator and props master for on-set continuity of set dressing and the placement and replacement of all set dressing on set.

Set Decoration Coordinator – tracks the Set Dec Dept. budget; managing incoming invoices, cash receipts, and credit card receipts and compiling and dispersing weekly Set Dec Dept. cost reports. Coordinators work with accounting to set up accounts with vendors and coordinate contracts and other correspondences between the Set Dec Dept. and vendors. In addition to conducting research or purchasing of sets or set dressing for the Set Decorator and Buyer.

Production Assistant - Assist the production office staff on a variety of office functions.