Entertainment Set Design & Decoration Experience

The Experience

Design Sets for TV, Film, and Stage

The Entertainment Set Design & Decoration Program is designed to provide a quality professional education that will meet the needs of students entering the entertainment industry. The applied learner-centered program involves the students in creative problem-solving, best business practices, hands-on experience, set design, set decorating, and model building.

The curriculum stresses the importance of teamwork and effective communication, and students get an intensive education learning from and working with award-winning production designers and set decorators. They study current and past film, TV, and theatre productions for plotting of furniture layouts, budgets, furnishings, and set dressing.


  • Small class size allows for intensive and individualized study.
  • Students work as interns on network television shows and feature films, and at prop houses.
  • Virtual networking appointments focused on Broadway Theatre, where students learn about the creative process for theatrical design directly from Scenic and Set Designers.
  • Exclusive opportunities for industry exposure, including classroom partner projects, field trips, internships, and networking.
  • Strong collaboration with AFI (American Film Institute) for classroom partner projects, mentorship, and teamwork skills.
  • Students participate in the California Film Commission’s (CFC) Internship program, interning on Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angels and Fox's The Orville.
  • Students attend the Set Decorators Society of America’s (SDSA) Day with a Set Decorator Education Masterclass and Workshop.
  • Students work with a faculty of award-winning production designers, art directors, and set designers, including the art director who worked on several of Beyoncé’s Lemonade videos and legendary film and tv set designers.

FIDM Grads are Set Decorators for hit TV shows and films and have interned as students on such sets as American Horror Story, The Voice, Modern Family and The Artist.