Dennis Morrison

Dennis Morrison

Business Management instructor Dennis Morrison is currently the Managing Director of STG Dorian–James, a Los Angeles–based consulting firm that specializes in business turnaround, financial sourcing, and management consulting. His students benefit tremendously from his consulting work in the areas of financial analysis, strategy assessment, and government programs for business assistance. A banker by training, this Business Management instructor has over 20 years teaching experience in undergraduate and graduate business education.

Why did you decide to transition from banking to teaching?
“I left the banking industry to start a business turnaround and financial sourcing firm. Consulting is all about giving results–driven advice, and it is no different from teaching. So, I left the banking industry not only to give life to a start–up firm, but also to be a catalyst to aspiring young people who are interested in business management.”

Do you have a particular teaching philosophy?
“My teaching philosophy is to transfer hard skills to the students through case studies and research projects. Hard skills such as information literacy, strategy assessment, and financial statement analysis give the students a competitive edge over their peers when they graduate.”

What makes FIDM special?
“FIDM is an iconic institution in the country, and it is a pleasure for me to be affiliated with such a brand. The supportive environment at FIDM is refreshing after other organizations that I have worked with in the past; I also enjoy the creativity of our students. And I have been trusted with the responsibility to assist the Program Chair in running the Business Management Program. FIDM has given me this opportunity, and I appreciate it.”

Dennis Morrison is an Outstanding Faculty Award winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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