The following are the required courses for this major. Students who attend Orientation and meet with the Education Department can obtain personalized academic counseling to complete the program. Transfer credits, changes in curriculum, and other factors may affect the academic plan for individual students. The FIDM Education Department can provide additional information.


FIDM degree in Beauty Marketing & Product Development, Merchandise Product Development*, or Merchandising & Marketing*.

*These A.A. majors also require the following 3 courses:

  • COSM 2350 Beauty: Fundamentals of Fragrance
  • COSM 2450 Beauty: Fundamentals of Cosmetics
  • COSM 2650 Principles of Beauty Technology

One-on-one advisement is available to students from other FIDM Majors to consider eligibility for special admissions to this program. Contact the appropriate department chairperson.

Associate of Arts, Advanced Study (A.A.)

COSM 3050
Influencing Beauty Consumer Behavior
Students examine the sociological and psychological factors affecting consumer behavior. They look at the process of creating consumer demand for beauty products and the decision-making processes of buyers, both individually and in groups. They study how marketers and product developers can influence decision-making and endeavors to understand the dynamics of emerging technologies and neuromarketing on consumer preferences and perceived needs.
COSM 3180
Fundamentals of Beauty Business Law
This course examines the social, ethical, and fundamentals of Business Law as it applies to the business of beauty. Students develop an understanding of the legal process and the environment in which the industry operates. Emphasis will be on development of those skills necessary to recognize and negotiate common legal problems confronted in the corporate environment.
COSM 3250
Beauty: Purchasing & Planning
This class provides a thorough explanation of domestic and international sourcing, contract packaging, production, and distribution management strategies for new and existing products in the beauty industry. Students gain practical understanding of the interrelationships between purchasing, vendor selection, sources of supply, and technology. Focus is on profit maximization techniques, vendor negotiations, lead time management, and forecasting.
COSM 3350
Human Resources & Organizational Behavior
This course explores organizational structure and how it affects corporate behavior. Students study career development, the value of performance appraisal, compensation, and safety and health laws within the corporate environment of the beauty industry. Strategies and tactics of management style are explored.
COSM 3360
Beauty: Luxury Brand Development
Students explore the history, consumer psychology, and strategic brand management considerations particular to the luxury market. They learn the nuances of the affluent consumer and how to develop and successfully manage marketing, distribution and development of a luxury brand or product in a way that aligns with the high expectations of a luxury brands unique vision and strategy. Students will understand the fundamentals of building a luxury brand in todays evolving marketplace based on best practices, case studies and proprietary methodologies to leading and shaping a luxury business model.
COSM 3420
Beauty: Business Management & Finance
This course is an introduction to the concepts of financial analysis, including understanding and preparing balance sheets and income statements, with a focus on the needs of the financial manager or entrepreneur. Students are exposed to financial reporting, analysis of Annual Reports, accounting information systems, corporate income statements, and using accounting information and financial statements to assess financial performance. Students will obtain knowledge in budgeting and variance analysis.
COSM 3450
Merchandising in the Beauty Environment
This course teaches students to conceptualize and develop retail merchandising fixtures for the beauty industry. Students evaluate product assortment and planograms using strategy, branding, profitability analysis and cost structures of fixtures in multiple retail channels from mass to prestige environments. Class structure includes in-store studies as well as creative implementation of merchandising concepts, theories, store and brand image, and target market analysis.
COSM 3600
Product Innovation
Students learn the product development process from idea generation to consumer adoption through the use of case studies.
COSM 3660
Beauty: Regulatory Affairs & Import/Export Strategies
This course presents an introduction to the field of regulatory affairs and to the laws and regulations governing the development, sales, and marketing of beauty products. Students learn how to maintain compliance with US and international regulations and to formulate a global regulatory strategy for product development. In addition, students acquire an understanding of the legal import and export strategies, structures, and responsibilities involved in being a global business.
COSM 3820
Beauty Industry Market Research
This capstone course is the culmination of the skills developed in the Beauty Industry program. The special project nature of the course requires students to apply their understanding of trends, market research, consumer behavior, branding, marketing, social media, product development and management to produce real industry projects assigned by major beauty brands. It incorporates a travel component so students gain exposure to senior executives and hone their professional presentation skills.
COSM 3850
Beauty: Sales, Negotiation & Conflict Management
This course provides an overview of the role of the sales function within the beauty industry. It covers the complexities of management of sales and distribution channels, issues in account management, and personal selling techniques. Students learn negotiation strategies and styles, and the importance of conflict resolution. In addition to class exercises, students practice negotiating in a range of business environments, including difficult situations.
COSM 3950
Through on-the-job training, students gain valuable insight as they apply theory and skills learned in the classroom to actual work situations and explore career options in the beauty industry.
SMED 2850
Marketing Analytics
This practical class looks at the application of data science to solve marketing problems. Students will learn to parse both big data and internal analytics to understand how to use both to improve KPI reporting, demonstrate return on investment and create effective marketing campaigns. The objective of this course is to understand the relationship of analytics to decision making and how to tell the story the who, what, how and why of the data. Prerequisite: MRCH 1950
SMED 3700
International Strategies for New Media
This course will focus on global communication platforms as tactical communication tools. Students will understand the development and use of new media, learn how to utilize content specifically for these new technological applications, and translate new media into international communication strategies. As technology enables the global community, it is increasingly important to understand the people using the technology.
SMED 3750
PR Writing for Social Media
Students use practical and hands on experience to develop an understanding of the role new media plays in current public relations. Students gain practical knowledge of these techniques by developing and presenting individual online campaigns in class. Prerequisite: SMED 3400
Total Units of Credit: 45

This program starts in the Fall on the Los Angeles campus.