Students Learn About Innovative Beauty Packaging at Great Western Packaging

Students Learn About Innovative Beauty Packaging at Great Western Packaging

Led by instructor Wendy Klarik, the FIDM Beauty Department arranged a field trip for Beauty Industry Management students in COSM 3250 (Purchasing & Planning) to visit Great Western Packaging in Burbank, California on Friday, November 16th. The twenty-one students in attendance learned the specifics of product packaging, an extremely relevant topic in the beauty industry.

General Manager Denise Beilowitz arranged a tour of the facility followed by a discussion of innovative packaging available from Great Western Packaging. The tour included all aspects of the packaging process from structural design to the actual production of the final finished product. Students learned key elements of the process: translating digital files from the client, understanding how package dyes are created, how the press machines function and many other interesting steps in the process.

The visit wrapped with a discussion led by Denise on the actual costing of the product as well as some of the new and interesting advancements in the packaging industry.

The Beauty Purchasing & Planning class, COSM 3250, provides students with a thorough explanation of domestic and international sourcing, contract packaging, production, and distribution management strategies for new and existing products in the beauty industry. Throughout the course, students gain a practical understanding of the interrelationships between purchasing, vendor selection, sources of supply, and technology.

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