Apparel Technical Design Bachelor’s Students Present Business Strategies to Industry Panel

Apparel Technical Design Bachelor's Students Present Business Strategies to Industry Panel

Students in the Bachelor of Science Apparel Technical Design program presented their final projects recently to an industry panel of FIDM alumni, instructors, and peers, for critique and evaluation.

The Design Thinking class (MPDV 4850), taught by FIDM Instructor Louise Wallace, challenges students to develop a complete business strategy for new concepts they created in MPDV 4600. In this second class, they dig deeper into a specific brand and target market. Their presentations included details such as specifications, marketing ideas, budget, costs, sourcing strategies, production timeline, and potential business partners to support and help launch the new product or process.

Student Alyssa Cheng presented Pawerful Kits (IG: @pawerfulkits pictured above), crate covers for dogs. Alyssa loves animals and wants to do something with sustainability. She plans to contact denim companies for deadstock. As a consumer, she wants to create a product that people will take pride in buying. She plans to branch out into doggie bow ties and organic tote bags.

Jazz Cole presented the Necessity Belt, a hands-free carrier for essentials (keys, cellphone, credit cards, ID, cash). It’s a fanny pack/utility belt hybrid.

Michelle Coleman presented Kimura, her antimicrobial BJJ Gi made out of bamboo and silver fibers.

Youngji Kang gave a presentation on her Sock Stiletto, listing her business partners, competitors, launch schedule, and how she plans to raise money.

On the panel was Alumna and Fashion Designer Laura Jenkins, Julia Hickman who works in Quality Assurance at Stance Socks, and Menswear Alumnus Devon Figueroa who is now in Product Development at Vince.

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