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Student presenting product development project

One Day Summer Session: An Inside Look at Entrepreneurship

An Inside Look at Entrepreneurship is structured with two dedicated 3-hour seminars led by FIDM Instructors. Designed to simulate the FIDM classroom experience, this session provides a basic introduction to understanding financial assets and what it takes to launch a business.

Morning Session: Managing Financial Assets
Presenter - Dr. Dennis Morrison, Ph.D., Assistant Chairperson of FIDM’s Business Management Program
Learn about tangible and intangible assets—from cash, buildings, and equipment to inventory, employees, and office furniture.

Afternoon Session: Entrepreneurship
Presenter - Dr. George Sims, Ph.D., Chairperson of FIDM’s Business Management Program
Explore what it takes to launch a new venture. Students gain an understanding of a business model versus a business plan while learning about the necessary business establishment requirements and financial projections to secure capital or financing.

What we’ll cover:
What really is an “Entrepreneur”? – Can creativity be learned?
The “Entrepreneurial Journey” – Do you need a map?
The “Business Model” vs the “Business Plan” – What’s the difference?
Business Strategy – Let’s be clear on what that really means.
Entrepreneurial Questions – What do I need to know?
Investor Questions – What will they want to know?
Licensing – Does my vehicle have enough horsepower to get me there? (Don’t waste the opportunity.)


Jul 16, 2022
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Admission Fee

Details subject to change