3 Days of Fashion Summer Online Program

3 Days of Fashion Summer Program

Join us online for our 3 Days of Fashion summer program and together let’s embrace our BRILLIANT FUTURE.

Every year, hundreds of high school and college students from all over the world experience our intensive 3-day program and begin their journey toward a career and a lifestyle that is built on creativity and passion.

Each day is structured with hands-on workshops led by industry’s top experts, including notable FIDM Faculty and Alumni.

Participants are invited to engage in all workshops, and a moderator will introduce each day as well as end it with a wrap-up.

Experience three days with us this summer and embark on your journey of limitless opportunity and creativity.


June 23-25, 2021
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM PDT
Admission Fee

Note: This event is free for presidents of official FIDM Fashion Clubs and $25 for members. Please contact info@fashionclub.com for more information.

Details subject to change