National Scholarship Competition Official Rules

National Scholarship Competition Official Rules

The FIDM National Scholarship Competition is open to U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are high school seniors, high school graduates, college students, and college graduates who did not attend FIDM.

All entries for the 2020 FIDM National Scholarship Competition will be submitted via SlideRoom through a link that FIDM provides. For more information about SlideRoom’s privacy policy, please click here. All types of media prepared for the entries must be the work of the contestant, and only the contestant. Only one scholarship entry per entrant is permitted. Entrants must select one category when applying - The Business Challenge or The Design Challenge.

The full, one-year scholarships include tuition, fees, books, and most supplies. If a student is eligible for additional FIDM scholarship(s), the amount of the full-year scholarship will be reduced by the amount of the additional FIDM scholarship(s).

If a student is eligible for federal or state grants or additional scholarships from other sources, the amount of the full scholarship applied to the student’s first academic year will be reduced by the amount of the additional grants and/or scholarships.

The amount of the reduction, caused by federal or state grants, or additional scholarships from other sources, will be made available as a scholarship award in the student’s next academic year.

If the scholarship recipient is a student who will attend FIDM in a Professional Designation program, and the scholarship amount creates an excess of funds after all federal or state funds have been applied to tuition and fees, the excess scholarship amount cannot be redeemed for cash nor be applied to additional expenses such as student housing.

The student is responsible to pay initial and final application fees. This scholarship amount may be disbursed in either one or more quarters to the student's FIDM account.

The scholarship is applied to tuition and fees only and has no cash value. It can be applied only to FIDM tuition and fees that are charges in the student's name and while the student is in attendance.

The scholarship is non-renewable and non-transferable. In order for scholarship recipients who are graduating high school to use this award, they must plan to begin their studies at FIDM in the first or second academic quarter for which they are eligible following their graduation from high school.

In addition, they must meet all Admissions requirements, including a recommendation from their Admissions Advisor.

Should a recipient take a leave of absence, change his/her major, withdraw from FIDM or return from academic dismissal, he or she is entitled to complete the remaining number of units of the original program to which he/she was accepted.

Upon change or return, any additional units required for the current major beyond the original contract will be charged to the student (subject to prevailing tuition costs at the time of change or return).