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FIDM Lobby


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In response to the evolving industry landscape, FIDM is reimagining itself as a dynamic business school. Our mission is to equip graduates with the skills and expertise needed for high-level careers in tech, beauty, entertainment, and fashion. The ever-changing business world demands visionary leaders who can shape industries, push boundaries, and drive innovation, and that's exactly what our programs provide.

By harnessing the synergy of our experienced faculty and strong industry partnerships, we are preparing students to thrive in a fast-paced, competitive environment. Our MBA, B.A., B.S., and A.A. degrees encompass cutting-edge business practices, innovative strategies, and creative problem-solving techniques.

Through Classroom Partner Projects, students can immerse themselves in real-world business challenges, enabling them to generate transformative solutions for top brands. Our Industry Partnerships with global giants like Disney, Nike, and Pixar will afford students invaluable opportunities to collaborate and grow.

As we embark on this exciting transformation, we remain deeply committed to our students' success.

We invite you to join us as we build on our legacy and embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Together, we will redefine what it means to be a leader in the creative industries.

Mission Statement

FIDM provides a technology-driven education that inspires, empowers, and supports everyone.

  • We prepare people to solve modern problems by integrating traditional skills with evolving digital tools and technologies.
  • We inspire by cultivating a dynamic, creative, and welcoming environment.
  • We empower by teaching hands-on skills and providing connections to help people make the most of their opportunities.
  • We support by providing highly personalized professional and educational mentorship and guidance.

President's Message

A letter from FIDM’s founder:

Welcome to FIDM. Welcome to your future.

You have unique aspirations for your life and FIDM offers the educational pathways and guidance to discover the successful future you envision.

We’re a one-of-a-kind college of the applied arts, where your creative talent, academic engagement, and determination are fostered by a dedicated faculty and staff. You’ll also be energized by fellow students from diverse backgrounds, across the country and around the globe, with creative objectives and ideas like yours.

Part of the stimulating campus life at FIDM comes from career guidance, student activities that include challenging projects, exposure to industry experts, and cultural experiences.

FIDM is strategically located for immersion in California's vibrant life and business climate that offer endless undertakings and activity. Key industries are entertainment, fashion, business management, action sports, and the arts.

We invite you to take a bold step, walk through our doors and join our learning community. You’ll uncover not just the profession that you imagine, but the knowledge to take you there.

“As you walk, and sometimes run, through your future, take time each day to enjoy the journey.”

A letter from FIDM president Tonian Hohberg
FIDM Founder and President


Boards & Staff

This special board, composed of community leaders, provides oversight for the quality and integrity of the college. Its members ensure that students receive educational programs of high quality, promote the college's unique response to community needs, and enthusiastically support the international goals of the college.

  • Eddie Guerboian, Board Chair
  • Kevan Hall, Member
  • Steve Hirsh, Member
  • Tonian Hohberg, FIDM President; Director
  • Gene Nitchman, Member
  • Sharon Ryan, Member
  • Chui Tsang, Member

This exceptional group of industry and community leaders plays a vital role in our ever-evolving curriculum.

  • Colleen Atwood, Costume Designer
  • Trisha Biggar, Costume Designer
  • William E. Conner, III, President/CEO – William E. Conner & Assoc., Ltd.
  • Giovanni Di Pasquale, Accademia Internazionale Koefia
  • Diane von Furstenberg, Chairman/President – Diane von Furstenberg
  • Tim Gunn, Author/Mentor – Project Runway
  • Steven Hirsh, Cooper Design Space
  • Norma Kamali, Designer – OMO Norma Kamali
  • Karen Kane, Vice President and Creative Director – Karen Kane, Inc.
  • Lonnie Kane, President – Karen Kane, Inc.
  • Tom Kennedy, President – Sperry
  • Sally Sirkin Lewis, President/CEO – J. Robert Scott
  • Bob Mackie, Elizabeth Courtney Costumes
  • Maurice Marciano, Chairman Emeritus – GUESS?, Inc.
  • Paul Marciano, Co-Founder – GUESS?, Inc
  • Ilse Metchek, President – California Fashion Association; Executive Director – Textile Association of Los Angeles
  • Ellen Magnin Newman, Ellen Newman Associates
  • Zandra Rhodes, Zandra Rhodes (UK), Ltd.; Rhodes House
  • Alex Roldan, Alex Roldan Salon
  • Henri J. Sillam, Jewelry Designer
  • Roel Vossen, Founder/Managing Director – Frontline Clothing, Ltd.
  • Jacqueline West, Costume Designer
  • Clive Wilkinson, President – Clive Wilkinson Architects

Our Board and Staff are committed to excellence and work tirelessly to ensure that students receive the highest quality education.

Administrative Board
  • Tonian Hohberg, President
  • Barbara Bundy, Vice President – Education
  • Belinda Harding, Vice President – Admissions, Marketing
  • Angela Hawekotte, Vice President – Treasurer
Administrative Staff
  • Cheryl Bensmiller, Chairperson - General Studies; Manager – eLearning
  • Lisa Davis, Executive Assistant to the Vice President – Education; Title IX Coordinator
  • Eva Gilbert, Chairperson – Apparel Technical Design, Merchandise Product Development, Merchandising & Marketing
  • Carrie Harris, International Student Director
  • Tom Henkenius, Chairperson – Beauty Business Management, Beauty Marketing & Product Development, Business Management, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Visual Communications, MBA
  • Susan Jenkins, Director – Admissions Operations
  • Chris Jennings, Director – Student Financial Aid
  • Dennis Morrison, Assistant Chairperson – Business Management
  • Lisa Schoening, Dean - Academic Development; Accreditation Liaison Officer
  • Rose Sgroi, Director – Fiscal Operations
  • Amanda Starling, Executive Director - Career Center; Chairperson – Special Projects, The Business of Denim; Co-Chairperson, International Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Alex Veliz, Director - Housing
  • V. Kim Wetzel, Executive Director - Human Resources; ADA 504 Compliance Coordinator
  • Eileen Zwiers, Registrar