Why Study Film & TV Costume Design in America at FIDM?

Why Study Film & TV Costume Design in America at FIDM?

If you dream about becoming a fashion designer, you may have the false impression that your career depends entirely on your commercial appeal. But the truth is that there are countless fashion career opportunities in the realms of film and television that can allow you to pursue your fashion career in a completely new way. Film careers aren't just for directors and actors; they need highly skilled designers to transport viewers into a different world. In 2016, just under 1.2 billion movie tickets were sold in the U.S., and you can play an important role in how these stories are told.

Here at FIDM, we provide the opportunity for fashion design graduates to get a crash course in film study through our Film & TV Costume Design program. Our film college is a specialized program for students who want to pursue careers in costuming for movies and television. From period films to contemporary TV shows, our students are able to improve upon the skills they've acquired and dive into Hollywood head-first. Here are just a few reasons why aspiring fashion designers should consider costume-based film careers at FIDM:

You'll be right where the action is

Let's face it: there's no better place to pursue film careers than right here in Los Angeles. When you embark on a film and TV costuming career, it's very advantageous to study and make connections in your target area. Not only will you become more familiar with the industry simply by living in Los Angeles, but studying at FIDM allows for unique opportunities like visiting sets and studios and collaborations with film students. When you study film and TV costume design in Los Angeles, you'll be able to hit the ground running!

You can fast-track your career

One of the best reasons to attend FIDM is that you don't have to wait to get your feet wet. While other design schools make students take other unrelated courses before delving into design classes, our degrees allow you to kickstart your career from the word "Go!" Since our Film & TV Costume Design degree is for students who have already completed our fashion design program, you'll be accustomed to our rigorous but rewarding curriculum. You'll be able to start exploring and learning right away, which means you'll be in a much better position to make a professional transition after the program's completion.

You'll make industry connections

Because FIDM is located in the heart of Los Angeles in America, our students are able to make better connections within the industry. Not only will you get to collaborate with student filmmakers from other majors, but you'll also have the privilege of learning from the best of the best. Many of our instructors are well-respected and successful industry professionals, and we regularly bring in designer guest speakers. You'll get a real taste of what the costume design industry is like here in the film capital of the world, and you'll make valuable connections to help your career along the way.

You'll hone your skills

This specialized program allows FIDM Fashion Design graduates to continue building upon their existing skill set and tailor their skills specifically for costume design in these mediums. You'll gain knowledge of cinematic history and styles, plus you'll have the chance to utilize your expertise by making both creative and practical decisions within the time frame of a typical film or TV production. Through their studies here, our students gain the costuming skills and knowledge that are essential for successful film careers.
To learn more about how studying film and TV costume design in America can take your fashion career to the next level, visit our degree page or contact us for more information.