Grad is VP of Sales for Upcycle in Los Angeles

October 2, 2017

Tabitha Vogelsong, who has a degree in Merchandise Product Development from FIDM, was previously at American Apparel where she was in charge of Private Label and Wholesale Merchandise. "I got my job through the FIDM Career Center," she says. "I started at American Apparel when it was a small company and worked there for 16 years." Today, she's the VP of Sales for Upcycle, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer that specializes in premium cut and sew basics. 

"Upcycle practices many of the same values as American Apparel did, such as Made in the USA," she says. "We have raised the bar and practicing sustainable manufacturing. While working at American Apparel, I curated an elite customer base that was built on excellent service levels and quality products that were delivered on time. These same clients have continued on with me at Upcycle and share the same values as Upcycle, such as supporting domestic manufacturing and responsible manufacturing that lends to less waste than traditional manufacturing."

Tabitha notes that the fashion industry is the second most polluting Industry in the world. "We are practicing responsible manufacturing by recycling our fabric scraps from cutting which will be upcycled back into yarns and ultimately garments," she explains. "We have also partnered with our dye houses to recycle their unused fabrics that would have previously gone to landfills. Any vendor we work with most also practice clean manufacturing."

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