Student Meets Pro Costume Designer Karyn Wagner (Interview)

Student Meets Pro Costume Designer Karyn Wagner (Interview)

As a member of the Premier Fashion Design Group, student Emily Ackerman had the special opportunity to meet costume designer and guest speaker Karyn Wagner recently on our Los Angeles campus. Karyn's vast experience as a designer includes TV and films such as Underground, Cake, Preacher, The Green Mile, and The Notebook. We sat down with Emily to find out more.

What was it like meeting Karyn Wagner? As an aspiring costume designer, I really cherish any time I can meet someone in the business. She was so humble and I loved her passion for learning and her love for her craft. Her conversation really inspired me to start working towards this goal of becoming a costume designer and really jump on every opportunity that is right here at my fingertips!

What advice did she give?
I loved when she mentioned that a "go get it attitude" is so important. She really inspired me to think of my responses when it comes to work and really make sure that my peers and any future bosses know that I am ready to show up every day and get absolutely everything and more done for them.

Why did you choose FIDM? I chose FIDM for this exact reason. There are constantly amazing people who are working professionals in the industry on campus every week. FIDM has taught me to be involved and always introduce myself to everyone! FIDM is like my own little family and I will forever be grateful for the amazing opportunity that I have gotten to attend.

What are you studying? I am a Fashion Design major. I have always wanted to be a stylist, so film and TV costume jumped out at me when I was looking into advanced programs here at FIDM. I will be applying for the program next spring and I am looking forward to jumping into the world of costume design.

Anything else you'd like to share? I just want to thank Karyn for all of her lovely and inspiring words—people like her are what drives students like me to pursue our dreams!