Entertainment Set Design & Decoration Grad Working on Fox Sitcom The Mick

September 18, 2017

Idaho native Rebecca Wentz was completing her degree in Visual Communications from FIDM when she first learned about the Entertainment Set Design & Decoration Advanced Study Program. "During our Materials & Props class, we went on a field trip to Omega Cinema Props, where a whole new world opened up for me," Rebecca says. "Before then, I didn't really know it was a career path I could take." Rebecca is a member of IATSE Local 44 working as a Buyer. "I work for the Set Decorator, Kaitlynn Wood, who is also a FIDM Grad," she says of her current job on the Fox sitcom, The Mick. "You help their vision come to life by shopping out the set dressing that is needed." She's also worked on television shows such as The FostersNotorious, and The Last Man on Earth.

She says working as a Buyer is her dream job. "I get to go to so many unique places every day, and meet new people," she says. "People are so generous to studio people, and want to help you out to get you what you need to get the job done. I love going to little ma & pa shops, and seeing how much the studios can help their business. Each day is different, it's the hunt for all the pieces, and seeing them come to life when they are all together on the set." Fortunately, Rebecca felt more than prepared for her exciting career. "The ESDD Program has incredible industry-working instructors who really prepare you for the real world and studio environment," she explains. "You have to work at such a fast pace, with so many different obstacles coming at you, and they prepare you for that." 


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