Pixi Marketing Exec Mindy Chun Joins Beauty Faculty

Pixi Marketing Exec Mindy Chun Joins Beauty Faculty

When Pixi Associate Vice President, Global Marketing and Digital Sales Mindy Chun married her passion for cosmetics with the marketing skills she learned in consumer products, her career took off. The busy beauty industry executive found the time to share her story.

Which course are you teaching at FIDM?

I teach the Introduction to Cosmetics Industry course. I will be taking students through the step-by-step process of how a beauty product goes from concept to shelf. I love the process, and I love that my students are so young and passionate.

How did you follow your passion in the industry?

It was a gradual process. Although I grew up in the salon world—my mom was a stylist—when I graduated I thought I needed to work in a more “serious” industry. After working 10 years marketing various financial and consumer products including a stint at Mattel, I made a decision to marry my two loves: beauty and marketing. Since then, I’ve never looked back!

How did you make the switch to beauty?

Even with 10 years experience, it wasn’t easy. Beauty is considered a niche, and hard to break into. I decided to write online beauty articles for reputable publications like Refinery 29. That gave me the credibility to start applying. Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it!

What was your first Beauty Industry job?

Orly hired me as a Senior Brand Manager. The Marketing department was the hub for developing new products so it was immediately more exciting than my other jobs had been. It had a huge impact on my career in my 30s to switch and market products I believed in with a passion.

Tell us about your current position at Pixi.

At Pixi by Petra, I’m Associate VP Global Marketing and Digital Sales. That means I manage all overall marketing strategy, social media, influencer, and ecommerce marketing. I love that the brand focuses on the importance of skincare, natural beauty, is very accessible, and conveniently sold at Target as well as online!

Any industry trends your class will be discussing?

I would love to discuss “what’s next?” within the digital and influencer space and how that impacts the beauty industry as a whole.