Grad Designs for Mossimo Swimwear

October 4, 2017

Long Beach-based FIDM Graduate Michelle Guerrero was drawn to the Textile Design Program after a pivotal trip to France. "I already had my BA from CSUF, so I liked the idea of doing an accelerated program," she explains. The Textile Design Program went by quickly, but it was thorough and well-rounded."

Today, Michelle is the Assistant Designer at Lunada Bay Corp. where she works on Mossimo swimwear at Target. "On a typical day, I correspond with vendors and clients, update CADs/line lists, help track costing and pre-production status, and do sketching and trend research," she says. "I’ve gotten to design a few groups from scratch and see some items go through first patterns and then fittings. I develop new colors and sometimes create embroidery and laser-cut art, which is really fun. It’s a diverse position that stays interesting and multi-layered."

Michelle says that FIDM helped prepare her for her career from learning the elements of design and color theory to textile history and CAD programs. "I felt confident once I started my career," she adds. "I still had so much to learn in terms of applying my skills in the workplace and learning about salability for the specific market we cater to, but I have a strong foundation to pull from."




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