Laura Jenkins

Laura Jenkins Announces the Launch of Laura Vivienne Dresses

Merchandise Product Development Alumna Laura Jenkins has announced the launch of Laura Vivienne, her designer and party dress line. We caught up with the entrepreneur to find out more about her gorgeous new line.

Tell us about Laura Vivienne, your new fashion label: As of last week, I just launched a designer event and party dress line called Laura Vivienne. Specifically gowns and cocktail dresses, we design for all of life’s parties. Whether it be a gala event, the Oscars, a rooftop celebration, a cocktail party, or even a wedding, Laura Vivienne will bring you dresses full of life!

What is the story behind the name? I paired my first name with the beautiful word Vivienne. Vivienne means ‘alive’ and at the age of 30 when I decided to pack up and move to Los Angeles to study at FIDM, it was the first time I truly felt alive. So the name has a very genuine meaning to my heart:)

Describe your design aesthetic: The aesthetic of our gowns and cocktail dresses is alive, dramatic and elegant. As the founder, I want the gowns to feel fun and lively while at the same time, bringing out the soul of the woman wearing them. Emotional pieces designed with love and depth with an inspiration from life.

Who is your target customer? Our client is that vivacious woman who lives a full, happy and affluent life. The risk-taker, the party goer, the pursuer of dreams, a lover of the journey—unafraid to laugh and be her authentic beautiful self. Ready to step into a party dress that will only add to her beauty!

Tell us three celebs you'd like to see wearing your designs on the red carpet: Oh there are so many! But what an honor it would be to design a gown worn by Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lawrence or Kate Winslet. A huge huge fan of all three ♥️

What is your biggest goal right now? Well right after launching, besides taking a mini rest here and there... ha:) my two biggest goals are promoting the brand and focusing on my very first clients, making sure they feel happy in our gowns!

Anything else you'd like to share? I can’t wait to see how this new chapter unfolds and further share this journey alongside FIDM whom I hold dear to my heart. Please visit us at and Instagram @lauraviviennedresses.