New Beauty Student Has 30 Million YouTube Views

New Beauty Student Has 30 Million YouTube Views

Name: Jordan Byers

Age: 18

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio 

FIDM Campus and Start Date: Orange County, Fall 2017

Major: Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing

Admissions Advisor: Richard Kim

How did your advisor assist in the process? I met my advisor my sophomore summer at 3 Days of Fashion in Los Angeles. He told me about the early admissions project, I completed it, and was accepted not long after. He helped me through all of the steps and made it super easy for me throughout the acceptance process.

Tell us a bit about yourself. I am a beauty YouTuber who moved out to California to make my dreams come true. I think that the knowledge and experience I’ll gain from FIDM will be a tremendous push in the right direction.

Tell us about your proudest accomplishments so far. I just hit 30 million views on YouTube the other day and am determined to continue growing my social media.

How did you grow such an impressive following? I started in my unfinished basement with a couple of studio lights and a Canon t5i a little over a year ago. I honestly didn’t know what I was doing at the time, but I put myself out there. 

Why was FIDM right for you? FIDM was right for me because I’ve always been a creative person and I needed a college that was accepting of that and had majors and classes that would further the creative and business sides of my career.

Describe your entrance project. I designed a makeup product, and, of course, I chose a blinding compact highlight. 

What are your career goals? My goal after FIDM is to eventually produce my own makeup line and further my beauty career in the industry.

What are you expecting to learn at FIDM? All the tools I need to be successful in the beauty industry.