Footwear Grad is CGM Designer at DC Shoes

Footwear Grad is CGM Designer at DC Shoes

We recently caught up with FIDM Footwear Design Alumnus Chris Munar, who is currently working at DC Shoes as a Footwear CGM (Color, Graphics, and Materials) Designer, in the men’s initials skate and youth/toddlers categories. 

“Footwear/sneakers are my life,” he said. “My passions growing up were playing basketball, art, fashion and sneakers. During my freshman year in high school, FIDM did a classroom presentation in my sewing class. I knew then that I wanted to be a footwear designer.”

Chris, 27, graduated with his Merchandise Product Development degree in 2011, from the San Francisco campus. He then completed the Footwear Design Advance Study Program in 2012 on the LA campus.

“FIDM gave me a starting point in my career. It gave me the basic tools I needed to first get my foot in the door to the footwear/fashion industry. It has made me a well-rounded and well-versed designer. My professors, directors, and classmates all pushed me to be my best. Being around people with the same passion helped me strive to be great. FIDM also provided me with great resources and networking skills that I could not have found elsewhere.”

The classes most valuable to him were computer rendering, trend analysis, footwear design classes with Bonnie Smith, footwear marketing, and brand merchandising.

“David Orris and Kathy Bailon were two of the most influential people to me during my time at FIDM,” he said. “I am truly grateful for them and their guidance and advice.” 

Chris told us that the proudest moment of his career so far has been working on a footwear collaboration collection with Cartoon Network and designing colorways for athletes. One of his goals is to become a creative director at an athletic/lifestyle footwear company.