FIDM's TV Costume Exhibit in L.A. Times

September 28, 2017

The FIDM Museum & Galleries' 11th "Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design" exhibition, which is on display through October 7, 2017, is featured in the Los Angeles Times. The article features interviews with Museum Director Barbara Bundy and four TV costume designers, including FIDM Grad Trish Summerville (Westworld). 

“One portion of the look is period and another is fantasy-future. So we had a good stock of clothing, because you pretty much have to dress everyone, principals and several hundred in the background, head to toe,” she told the Times. “What drew me to the project was that it was so diverse. We got to do the butchers in the basement, who are in Latex and rubber clothing, and everybody who worked in Delos and all the security people. We pulled a lot of period pieces from costume houses and dead stock for the background [actors] and built everything for the principals in our workroom." 

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