Business Management Grad Is Analyst at Hybrid Apparel

Business Management Grad Is Analyst at Hybrid Apparel

Bachelor of Science in Business Management Grad Cara Rimel is in her third year as Business Analyst at Hybrid Apparel. Here is how she used the resources at FIDM to help launch her career.

What was your course of study at FIDM?

I received my AA in Merchandise Marketing. I really enjoyed this major because it was the perfect mix of business and fashion. However I wanted more experience and knowledge regarding business so I decided to do the BS in Business Management.

Choosing to continue at FIDM for my Bachelor's was a very easy decision for me. I knew it would help me in the long run as well as give me more options as I decided on what I wanted to do as a career. 

Did you do any internships while at school? Use the Career Center for job placement?

While attending FIDM I did two internships. The first was for former Real Housewife of Orange County Gretchen Rossi. I got to run her business, manage her social media, and act as an assistant for her. It was a great experience because I had my hands in every part of the business even down to shipping orders for her online store. Doing internships is great because it helps you figure out what you don’t like to do which is exactly what I learned. I wanted to be more specialized in a field rather than running everything.

My next internship I got through the Career Center, and they placed me at Hybrid Apparel in the Financial Planning and Analysis department. It ended up being exactly what I wanted to do and I fell in love with the this position. I ended up getting hired right after I graduated as a Business Analyst.

How does your education help you at work?

My FIDM education has helped me so much at work. While interning I was able to keep up in conversation because I was learning the exact terminology in class. I even told my boss what I was learning in school and he would give me projects that would relate to classes I was taking to help me apply what I was learning.

Tell us about your current position? Future plans?

I am currently at Hybrid Apparel as a Business Analyst, I have been there for almost 3 years now. Everyday is different and a challenge which definitely keeps it exciting. I am in charge of planning and forecasting sales and margin for various accounts, monthly financial reviews for the executive team, and a lot of reporting. 

In the future I hope to be a buyer. I went into FIDM wanting to be a buyer but ended up in planning which I was surprised to learn I enjoyed as well. I think it was really important to stay open to different jobs and companies. You never know what opportunities will come to you if you stay open!

Any advice for current FIDM Students?

My advice for current FIDM Students is to get involved, go to the Career Center, and intern/work. Getting involved helps you network, you never know where the student next to you is going to end up working. The Career Center is a great place to help you find a job, internship, or simply to get help on your resume. I highly recommend working or interning while in school. Although it may be overwhelming at times, it is so worth it. If you’re working you get to apply the skills you’re learning in school which helped me get a better grasp on certain concepts. 

My last piece of advice would be to always sit in the front. Instructors appreciate motivation and passion, I definitely got so much more out of my classes when I was seated towards the front.