Business Management Grad Alexandra Wilkerson Runs Online Boutique

Business Management Grad Alexandra Wilkerson Runs Online Boutique

After earning her Associates degree in Merchandise Marketing, Alexandra Wilkerson continued her education at FIDM, graduating with a BS in Business Management. We caught up with her recently.

How did you decide to go for your Bachelor's degree at FIDM?

After receiving my Associates degree, a few people who were very influential in my life convinced me to continue for my Bachelor's. They explained the importance of having additional knowledge in business and how the skills and knowledge I would obtain from the program could be transferred across many different industries.

How does your education help you at work?

At FIDM, I learned consistency and how to properly execute deadlines. Both these skills I use every day at my job.

What is your current position?

I am currently a brokerage associate at a large financial institution and I own an online boutique. My future plan is to leave my full time job and pursue my clothing line full time in the next couple of months.

Any advice for current FIDM students?

Everything you learn while attending FIDM, use to your advantage while you are attending school. It is a lot easier to mess up on your business while you're at school, where you have successful entrepreneurs (teachers!) at your disposal for advice. Waiting to try the strategies after you graduate can unfortunately set you back a few steps.