FIDM Tote BagLet's Go to the Movies: How FIDM Can Help You Become a Set Designer

Let's Go to the Movies: How FIDM Can Help You Become a Set Designer

Movies and TV are hugely popular here in America. After all, more than 1.2 billion movie tickets were sold in the U.S. in 2015, and global box office revenue is forecast to increase to nearly 50 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, so it makes sense that film careers are highly coveted. If you've considered pursuing a creative career in film, television, or theatre, there are numerous choices at your disposal. Here at FIDM, you can put your film study experience to good use in our costume design program or get your degree in digital media to help create animated graphics for film and TV shows. But if you've been thinking about attending film college, you should know that FIDM also provides the opportunity to pursue a career path in entertainment set design and decoration.

As a set designer, you'll be responsible for telling a pivotal part of the story. Once you get out into the workforce, you'll work with the Art Director to develop a design based on the source material: the all-important script. You'll work to acquire, dress, and create the set with furnishings and props, as well as managing both the budget and crewmembers.

At FIDM, we take a hands-on approach to set design. Unlike programs at other film colleges, this degree focuses on design for film, TV, and stage, which means our students are prepared to take on any type or scale of project. Our unique California location and industry connections give students the chance to work on studio set designs for network TV shows and movies, but there are also ample opportunities for theatrical set design. We cover everything from building models and sourcing materials to completing budgets, script breakdowns, and scheduling workflow. Film and TV developments are always shifting, so our curriculum allows our students to explore new ideas and techniques needed for these careers.

The caliber of our alumni illustrates how motivated and skilled our students are. Our graduates work on some of the hottest Hollywood movies and TV shows! We have alumni who have worked on the latest installment of The Hunger GamesThe Fault in Our Stars2 Broke GirlsGlee, SmashAlice in Wonderland, and many more. From costume design to visual effects -- and even on-camera work -- our students hone their craft here at FIDM and gain the skills they need to make their mark in the entertainment industry.

So if you're thinking about attending film college or want to pursue a creative career in entertainment, our Entertainment Set Design and Decoration Program might be perfectly suited for you. To find out more about this degree and the exciting opportunities it can provide, contact us today!