Grad Working in Technical Design at Handbag Company

September 26, 2017

Anya Rauchle received her B.S. degree in Apparel Technical Design this past summer and is working as an Assistant Technical Designer for Imoshion Handbags where she works directly with the designer to execute the seasonal lines. "Some of my responsibilities are to design groups around major trends, create tech packs, work with our office overseas to ensure correct sampling, and quality check and revise samples," says Anya, who also does all of the graphics, product development, and helps with sales.
After receiving her A.A. in Merchandise Product Development from FIDM, Anya entered the bachelor's program in Apparel Technical Design to expand on her skills. "I came into FIDM not even knowing what Illustrator was," she explains. "I left Product Development with basic CADing [computer-aided design] skills, but I left Apparel Technical Design with the ability to CAD faster with better quality and abilities."
In her current role, she appreciates getting to wear many hats. "At a bigger company, you are often only doing one thing, like design or tech packs or graphics," she says. "But at a small company like Imoshion, I get to do a bit of everything, which is great for someone during or right out of school because you get to find where you feel most comfortable." Anya also loves working with her team, saying, "I've bonded with everyone at my company so much."

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