Luxe magazine and Alisa Tate

Grad Alisa Tate is Associate Publisher of Luxe Interiors + Design Southern California

Merchandise & Marketing Graduate Alisa Tate, the Associate Publisher for Southern California Luxe Interiors + Design magazine, has been with the company for over three years. After selling print advertising for local publications for more than a decade, Alisa learned about a Sales Director position at Luxe, and knew right away it was a perfect fit. "A career where my education, passion, and experience was working together and my success here has been very rewarding," she says. "I was just recently promoted to Associate Publisher a few months ago because of my leadership, understanding of the publication, relationship with clients, and hard work." 

Alisa says that FIDM gave her a solid foundation for the career she has today. "All of my diverse classes, from textiles to brand marketing, gave me the right tool set and understanding of the industry I now thrive in." She adds that deadlines on projects helped prepare her for all the publication deadlines she faces. "You have to be organized and a true go getter to succeed," Alisa says. "The hands-on learning I did in actual stores at FIDM helped me polish my people skills with the showrooms I get the pleasure to work with today. FIDM helped me develop a great work ethic and broaden my outside-the-box thinking. I have my dream job and would not have been prepared without my education and experience at FIDM."