Visual Communications

A Visual Communications Major Launches Careers in Fashion and Entertainment

Visual Communication pros are experts at designing the perfect window display or pulling together the perfect outfit—and making it look like a work of art. With classes in quick sketching, Photoshop and Illustrator, and practice working in teams and analyzing trends, students become experts at design and visual communication. In the classroom, students collaborate on real-world projects with companies like Saks Fifth Avenue and Disney Stores North America. Internships have included Anthropologie, Giorgio Armani, Warner Bros., and luxury brand owner Richemont.

A Closer Look

The Visual Communications Program offers students a diversified, creative business background in visual presentation, exhibit/trade show design, retail and event marketing and store planning, with an emphasis on the fashion and entertainment industries.  Students benefit from exposure to practical and theoretical visual merchandising techniques.  Courses include presentation design, color theory, concept visualization, trend forecasting, and computer graphics.

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