Theatre Costume Design

Career opportunities after FIDM

Theatre Costume Design graduates have designed costumes for the renowned San Francisco Opera Company, The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, and The Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles.

Costume Designer for Theatre

Help make it all happen. Research, shop, oversee costuming of extras, and keep accurate records. Organizational and personal skills are essential to keep the Costume Designer organized.

Assistant Costume Designer for Theatre

Shop for the stage. Identify sources for and acquire selections of fabric, trims, clothing, and accessories for a theatre production. Often work for costume shops or Costume Designers. Must develop a knowledge of resources and be highly organized to arrange for timely arrival of all items.

Head of Wardrobe

Find creative solutions. Work with the Costume Designer to plan where and when costume changes take place—then supervise all changes and oversee a staff of dressers. This problem-solver must be cool under pressure, with great people skills and the ability to make quick repairs.

Specialty Costume Construction

Sculpt like a star. Create costumes both realistic and cartoon in style for foam walkabout characters. Costumes may involve armatures, mechanicals, and other highly technical devices.

Costume Finisher

Finish it up. Craft costumes using a variety of refined hand skills, such as embroidery, decorative stitching, needlepoint, sequin work, beading, smocking, and more.


Quick change artist. Help actors make quick changes, find solutions on-the-spot, and care for costumes according to union rules and regulations. Responsible for maintaining the designer's look throughout the run, and keeping garments in good condition.