Bachelor of Arts Degree in Professional Studies

Integrate analytic skills with creative thinking to solve real world problems

Our Bachelor of Arts Degree in Professional Studies prepares students who have already earned their Associate of Arts and Associate of Arts Advanced Study Program degrees from FIDM, to compete in the global marketplace.

This degree equips you for the demands of business and professional life by developing and strengthening clear thinking, communication skills, and quantitative analysis in one of nine areas of specialization:

  • Advanced Fashion Design
  • Beauty Industry Management
  • Entertainment Set Design & Decoration
  • Film & TV Costume Design
  • Footwear Design
  • International Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Menswear
  • Textile Production & Development
  • Theatre Costume Design

What Our Students Learn

In our program students will learn:

  • Effective Communication – Demonstrate strong communication ability in a wide variety of oral and written presentations throughout their program of study.
  • Critical Thinking, Research, & Information Literacy – Acquire the ability to apply research, information literacy, and critical thinking skills, including argument analysis and creative problem solving in their General Studies course assignments, their majors, their careers, and their lives.
  • Historical & Global Perspective – Attain a broad global perspective by appraising interrelationships among historical, political, economic, and social forces in the national and international community.
  • Cultural Diversity – Exhibit an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity and intercultural influences in professional and social contexts.
  • Scientific Inquiry & Quantitative Analysis – Achieve competence in college-level computational skills (including statistics) and basic knowledge of the physical and biological sciences as they apply to their major and career.
  • Ethical Reasoning – Exhibit objectivity, impartiality, sound reasoning, and solid problem-solving skills in arriving at ethical judgments.


Our students work collaboratively on industry-related case studies, integrating analytic skills with creative thinking to solve real world problems. The availability of many courses online makes the program flexible for working students.

A Closer Look

The Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies Program prepares students for the demands of business and professional life by developing clear thinking and strengthening communication skills. This program encourages lifelong learning by offering a broad curricular foundation focusing on quantitative reasoning and developing multidimensional understanding of the physical, cultural, and socio-economic environment.

For important information about the completion rate, educational debt, and earnings of students who attended this program, click here.