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  • Mar

    Get Your BA in Professional Studies at FIDM

    The Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies is designed for students who already have their Associates and A.A. Advanced Study degrees from FIDM. The flexible program is ideal for working students since courses are scheduled at convenient times and numerous classes are available online. We recently chatted with Professional Studies Department Chair Sheryl Rabinovich to learn more.

    Tell us a bit about the new BA in Professional Studies

    The BA in Professional Studies (BAPS) is a unique program at FIDM because it's a liberal arts curriculum rather than the specialized education for which FIDM is well known. The courses were selected to reflect the four major areas of study in a traditional higher education system: Humanities, Social Sciences, Math/Science, and Communications, but with a twist. Our education does have a theoretical base (body of knowledge), but the assignments are integrative and applied—the hallmark of FIDM. 

    Who can enroll in this program? 

    The only students eligible are graduates of one of our Advanced Study programs, so their third year (which yields a second AA degree) is also their Junior year of BAPS. Those who choose to enter BAPS, which essentially is a degree completion program rather than a major, are excellent candidates because they realize that as they promote up, BA degrees are often required. The maturity they bring is evident as most of these students are working in their industries and they understand the value of completing a BA degree while managing their time well. 

    What makes the program unique? 

    BAPS offers courses that one would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Icons of Culture: The Context of Meaning, is one such course. The focus here is to explore symbols, motifs, design, and people that contributed to art and design in a pervasive, long-lasting way. Students not only identify and discuss the relevance of these icons but they are encouraged to derive inspiration and a sophistication in their knowledge and in the language of design.

    What is the value of a BA in Professional Studies post-FIDM?

    The value of BAPS or a liberal arts curriculum, as many employers would agree, is to provide students with the tools and the opportunities in their assignments to be more thoughtful about the world in which we live, to be more resourceful, adaptable, and flexible, and to make connections amongst divergent ideas.


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  • Dec

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  • Dec

    Men's Activewear Gets More Fashionable

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    LA Menswear Designer Greg Lauren Teams with Banana Republic

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  • Sep

    FIDM Grad and Black Scale Director of Production Devon Figueroa Visits FIDM Students

    As the Director of Production and Product Development at Black Scale, a top streetwear label headquartered in San Francisco, FIDM Grad Devon Figueroa returned to the Los Angeles campus this week to meet with the students in the Premier Merchandise Prod … Read More

  • Aug

    FIDM Museum & Galleries: ManMode Exhibits Fabulous Menswear

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    From the FIDM Libary: Spring 2016 Style Report

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  • May

    Three FIDM Students Are Finalists in International Denim Design Competiton

    Premium denim mill ISKO has selected three FIDM Students as finalists in this year's I-Skool Denim Design competition. Danielle Thaxton, David Caracuel, and Quinton Lovelace will be joining the other student finalists In Italy, where the winner will be annou … Read More

  • Nov

    Business Management Student Designs and Manufactures in Downtown LA (Interview)

    Apparel Manufacturing Graduate and current Business Management Student MoonSoo Kim of Make It LA and L'Atelier is creating quality, high-end garments for celebrities, pro-athletes, and European clients. We recently caught up with the Los Angeles-based designer … Read More